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Brickmoulds 1.JPG
3" Renovation Brickmould
2" Renovation Brickmould
1 1/2" Flat Brickmould
With or without sloped sill
With or without sloped sill
With or without nail fin

Jamb Extensions


Low-E Options

Enhance the efficiency and comfort of your home by upgrading the glass in your windows. Standard options include solar gain or solar control Low-E glass, with argon gas filling as an additional option. Select the up grades that benefit your home!

Solar gain Low-E glass harnesses the benefits of the sun, heating and lighting your home naturally. Without compromising the transmission of visible light, this Low-E option will limit intrusion of harmful UV rays, offering fade protection for interior furnishings.

Solar control Low-E glass insulates your home with a better U-value, limiting the amount of heat infiltration from the sun and keeping a consistent temperature for a more comfortable home in any season! The glass is able to transmit visible light into your home and simultaneously offer superior UV protection.

We can customize jamb extensions in both PVC and unfinished wood to meet your needs! Drywall return is also available for alternative interior finishes.

Obscured Glass

Grill Colours

Glue Chip.jpg



Glue Chip


Grill Colours.JPG
Gold - Available in 5/8" & 5/16"
Silver - Available in 5/8" & 5/16"
Pewter - Available in 5/8" & 5/16"
Beige - Available in 5/8" & 5/16"
White - Available in 5/8", 5/16" &                1" Contour
Black - Available in 5/8", 5/16" &                1" Contour
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